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5 February 2011
Latest minutes posted! (Finally)

14 September 2010
First Meeting, MC 2014, 6:00 PM. (Presentations)

30 August 2010
CuSEDS will be at Expo Carleton.



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Great Moonbuggy Race MB03 Construction Updates

MB03 has completed its race in Huntsville. Listed below are the latest updates.

Update 12: 9 April 2009

Here is CJOH interview that was uplinked from the race last Friday. Also, photos from the race have been uploaded to the image gallery.


Update 11: 7 April 2009

Here is the GMBR story that aired on Daily Planet last night... (Stick around for the story that follows on the recent North Korean Taepodong-2 launch, too.)


Update 10: 5 April 2009

Of the 38 teams that competed, Carleton University placed 12th out of 19 teams that posted a valid race time. (UPDATE: Our official ranking, however, was 16th out of 16, due to the 20 min. time penalty for pushing.) There were 13 teams that did not complete the course. Brian Rutkay has assembled a breakdown of the Weekend's results based on information from the official Twitter stream. Bear in mind that these are not the official results and don't take into account time penalties incurred.
MB09 Results.xls
MB09 Results.xlsx
MB09 Results.pdf

CBC story from Friday

The official race results can be found at the NASA News & Features website.

More photos will be available shortly, but for now here is one from the NASA Gallery:


Update 9: 31 March 2009

The Discovery channel spent an entire day with the MB03 team last week. More information can be found in posts to the Official GMBR Blog from this week and last.


Update 8: 24 March 2009

The group was recently interviewed by a crew from CTV Newsnet that was broadcast nationwide. The photo gallery has pictures from this event.


Update 7: 15 March 2009

The Carleton Moonbuggy Comedy Night fundraiser is this Wednesday from 8:00pm - 10:30pm at Absolute Comedy, 412 Preston St.

Meanwhile, CuSEDS VP Publicity and MB03 rider Lindsay Los has been documenting the ups and downs of our progress on the official Moonbuggy Race Blog, posting both this week and last.

Also, new pictures.


Update 6: 10 March 2009

Hopefully there is an award for best seats...


Update 5: 22 Februray 2009

As it would happen, the first entry from one of the competing teams at the official Great Moonbuggy Race Blog happens to be from us. Score!


Update 4: 11 Februray 2009

There is an official Moonbuggy Race Blog, which will feature entries by some of the teams competing. Be sure to check out the other NASA blogs while you're there.

Also, there is an official Moonbuggy Race Twitter stream, for live updates on race day (April 3-4).


Update 3: January 2009 - Gallery of images from recent design meetings.

Update 2: Meeting, October 2008 - Meeting to familiarize team with previous designs and competition goals.

Presentation [PPTX]

Update 1: Meeting, 16 September 2008 - Meeting to introduce prospective team members to the project.

Presentation [PPT]

Minutes [PDF]



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