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September 18 2011
Our second meeting will be Monday September 19 in 3124 Mackenzie, We look forward to seeing you there

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CuSEDS Events Listings

Canadian Space Summit 2009
November 20-22, 2008 - Royal Military College, Kingston ON

Early-bird registration ends September 30 and is $25 with a $15/yr student membership. From the looks of things, we'll be well-represented at this conference.

Conference website...

Canadian Space Summit 2008
November 21-23, 2008 - McGill University, Montreal QC ...more

yuri's night

Yuri’s Night - World Space Party
April 12, 2008 - Mercury Lounge, Ottawa

yuri's night

CSCA Accelerating Space Conference
February, 2008 - MaRS Discovery District, Toronto

CSSA - Canadian Student Summit on Aerospace
February, 2008 - Carleton University

Spacevision 2007
November 2007 - Boston, Massechusets

SEDS National Conference

CSS - Canadian Space Summit
November 2007 - Calgary, Alberta

Check the CSS site for further information


DFL Tour - David Florida Laboratory
September 2007 - Shirley’s Bay, Ontario
df lab

CSS - Canadian Space Summit
November 2006 - Ottawa, Ontario

The Canadian Space Society, CuSEDS and the Canadian Alumni of the International Space University held their 2 day conference at Carleton University in Ottawa....more

css 2006

DFL Tour - David Florida Laboratory
May 2006 - Shirley’s Bay, Ontario

df lab






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