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5 February 2011
Latest minutes posted! (Finally)

14 September 2010
First Meeting, MC 2014, 6:00 PM. (Presentations)

30 August 2010
CuSEDS will be at Expo Carleton.



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Canadian Space Summit 2006 - Carleton University, Ottawa

CuSEDS hosted the 2006 Canadian Space Summit on November 17-19th.

In November 2006 CuSEDS was proud to host the Canadian Space Society’s annual Space Summit. As “Canada’s only student and professional conference dedicated exclusively to space exploration and development” ( HYPERLINK "", Nov. 1, 2006), this was an event not to be missed, and offers a unique opportunity for industry and students alike to develop a collective vision for Canada’s current and future role in space exploration and development. Not to mention networking with Canada’s space industry leaders.

Keynote speakers appearing at the 2006 Canadian Space Summit included CSA Astronaut, Chris Hadfield; Co-founder of the International Space University and Director of Optech Space Division, Bob Richards; Founder of the Space Frontier Foundation, Rick Tumlinson; Mars Society Canada President, Melissa Battler, and many other notable industry leaders.
Once an air force pilot for the Canadian Military who has flown missions for NORAD; Chris Hadfield is now the Chief of Operations for the International Space Station, and is one of Canada’s most accomplished Astronauts.

An Aerospace Graduate from Ryerson University, is seems Bob Richards is involved in almost everything space related these days. Along with Peter Diamandis, and Todd Hawley, Bob Richards together created Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS), and later went on to co-found the International Space University. “Bob is a strong advocate of the NewSpace movement and has been a catalyst for a number of astropreneurial ventures throughout his career.  As the Director of Optech's Space Division, he presided over the successful development of the first commercial lidar scanner flown in space, as well as the meterological LIDAR flown to Mars on the NASA Phoenix Mars Lander. Visit:Robert D. Richards

Named one of the 100 most influential people in the space industry by Space News magazine, Rick Tumlinson, “part agitator, part operator, has spent the past two decades advocating human exploration and settlement of the solar system and has been a strong advocate of creating commercial opportunities at the Russian Mir space station and at the international space station. Visit: Rick Tumlinson



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