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5 February 2011
Latest minutes posted! (Finally)

14 September 2010
First Meeting, MC 2014, 6:00 PM. (Presentations)

30 August 2010
CuSEDS will be at Expo Carleton.



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David Florida Lab Tours

CuSEDS has arranged two past tours of the David Florida Laboratory, the Canadian Space Agency's spacecraft assembly, integration, and testing facility just outside of Ottawa. The DFL houses three enormous thermal vacuum space simulators, several radio frequency anechoic chambers, and two Class 100,000 clean rooms with a total area of over 1300 square meters. The DFL is operated by the CSA, and its facilities are rented to private companies such as MDA and Optech.

No other facility on the planet is capable of offering this kind of close-up access to the public: Visitors don clean room dust control garments, pass through the forced air showers, and get within inches of the many pieces of real space hardware being assembled inside the cavernous work bays. Over the two tours, members have seen Radarsat-2 grow from just a partially assembled spacecraft bus to a nearly complete satellite, with the insulation blankets applied and the main radar deployed.  In November 2006, members saw the MET meteorological station, a component of the Phoenix lander, currently conducting science on Mars. The DFL is also specifically equipped to test very small microsatellites, like those which have been built by university students.

For more information, check out the DFL website:




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