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5 February 2011
Latest minutes posted! (Finally)

14 September 2010
First Meeting, MC 2014, 6:00 PM. (Presentations)

30 August 2010
CuSEDS will be at Expo Carleton.



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Stefan Madansingh


Major: Aerospace Engineering C – Electronics and Systems, Third Year

Stefan is a huge nerd. Besides his love for all things space related, he is a complete technophile, as well as an unabashed overachiever. He enjoys music, sunsets, badminton, guitar, salsa dancing, martial arts, iced tea, Chinese medicine, cooking, and good stories accompanied by a good drink. He also enjoys fixing electronics, as well as taking on projects that are unnecessarily challenging.

To Stefan, Space exploration is simply the future.

Stefan’s role is to facilitate and ensure organization of all things CuSEDS. His goal this year is to branch CuSEDS out of a simply Engineering capacity and reach out to those Non-Engineers who are passionate about the worlds beyond our own.

Project Manager, Moonbuggy-01
Steering / Drive-Train Design Team Member – Moonbuggy-01
Volunteer/Chauffeur, Canadian Space Society 2006

Look for him: In the CMAS Office or Mike's Place causing trouble, the Thermodynamics Lab working on a project, or in class.

Contact: smadansi [at] connect [dot] carleton [dot] ca

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Joel Spark
VP Finance

Major: Aerospace Engineering B, Minor in French, Second Year

Joel is a member of the campus emergency response team, and enjoys Jujitsu. Joel hopes to work for the CSA once he has completed his engineering degree, in addition to becoming a licensed paramedic. He sees the exploration of space as the next essential step in the development of humans as a race.

Joel’s role as VP Finance is to ensure that all money spent by, or in the name of, CuSEDS is accounted for accurately. He is also responsible for issuing out refunds to those deserving, maintaining/updating the CuSEDS Account Books and submitting yearly budgets to Carleton University’s Students Association.

Head of Superstructure Design – Moonbuggy-01
Male Rider – Moonbuggy 01

Look for him:

jspark [at] connect [dot] carleton [dot] ca

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Ryan Anderson
VP Projects

Major: Aerospace Engineering A, Second Year

In April 2006, Ryan graduated from a four-year program at Fanshawe College and now holds a diploma for Mechanical Engineering with a specialization in mobile equipment. During this time, Ryan gained experience working at three major engineering companies – Honeywell CPG, Accuride and Dyna-MIG. This included working as a lab technician, gaining product testing and QA experience, working in drafting and design developing his skills, and finally coordinating several projects in the field of manufacturing process engineering. He also has experience with basic robot operations and PLC troubleshooting.
Ryan's design insights have been invaluable in the development of Moonbuggy-01.

His role is to use this experience to provide guidance to students for the many new and interesting projects CuSEDS will take on in the upcoming years.
Ryan believes that the fact that there is so little known about space is what makes it truly interesting.  Once the capability for human space flight develops beyond just getting to the moon, we can open up a whole new world of discoveries.  He believes this is what space travel is about - fulfilling the human need to learn.
Technical Manager – Moonbuggy-01
Head of Suspension Design – Moonbuggy-01
Look for him: Thermodynamics Lab, Mike's Place, Ollies or in class.
Contact: jandersg [at] connect [dot] carleton [dot] ca ca

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Jessica Keranen
VP Events

Mechanical Engineering, Third Year

Jessica is a procrastinator and slight coffee addict. She is a third year, although the switch to mechanical was recent, she is a previous Aerospace B. She enjoys drinking coffee, watching her fish, finding new ways to avoiding doing her school work, volleyball, tennis, music, and looking at the stars.

Jessica’s role as VP Events is to initiate and develop outreach events to promote CuSEDS and benefit its members. This can include Industry Presentations, Tours, Youth and Social Events and finally Fundraising and Recruitment activities.

Superstructure Design Team Member – Moonbuggy-01
Female Rider – Moonbuggy-01

Look for her:
Around one of the Tim Horton’s on campus, in the CMAS office, or in class

Contact: jkeranen [at] connect [dot] Carleton [dot] ca

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