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September 18 2011
Our second meeting will be Monday September 19 in 3124 Mackenzie, We look forward to seeing you there

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CuSEDS About Us

President: Nolan Hunder

I'm a 5th year Aerospace Stream D student, I have been a member of CuSEDS ever since first year, and I have been interested in space since before I could pronounce space. I first got involved with moonbuggy back in first year and have since expanded to become a part of every project we've ever done. My role is pretty much to make sure everything within the club runs smoothly and to promote the club to the outside world. If you have questions, or thoughts for the society, feel free to let me know.

VP-Internal: Evan Heyes

I am a fifth year Mechanical, currently working on the Moonbuggy, as well as taking a good portion of the CuSEDS responsibilities. I am not so much interested in space as mechanical design and the solving the problems which space travel represents. My preference is to work as a consultant and therefore if you have any questions related to CuSEDS or any other project for that matter feel free to ask.

VP-Events: Gilles Messier

I am a 4th year Aerospace Stream A student and love everything associated with rocketry and space travel with a tender loving passion. Having just finished 16 straight months of Co-op work, I will be hitting the ground running and working hard to ensure that this year CUSEDS is the most awesome of all the engineering societies.

VP-Finance: Vacant

Talk to one of the current Exec to apply

VP-Publications: Vacant

Talk to one of the current Exec to apply



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