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September 18 2011
Our second meeting will be Monday September 19 in 3124 Mackenzie, We look forward to seeing you there

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Welcome to the Carleton University chapter of SEDS Canada, the nation-wide student space network.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) is the world's largest student-run space organization and provides an opportunity for like-minded students to learn, advocate, network and build their careers.

Join us for civilization's greatest adventure!

Want to get involved with CuSEDS? Let us know! We're always looking for new members who are interested in space, engineers and non-engineers alike!

What about space interests you?

Want to build some really cool stuff? CuSEDS offers students unmatched opportunity to take on complex and challenging group projects. We can provide guidance for getting projects started, help with searching for funding, and have a diverse pool of members who are eager to contribute. Whether you join one of our existing projects or start a new one, the experience is guaranteed to be incredibly rewarding.

Have any event ideas? Ways to involve more students in the space community? CuSEDS runs several space events each year, both for members and the general public.

Looking to get involved and make contacts within the space community? This is the place to be! CuSEDS sends members to professional and student space conferences every year. Meet fellow students from around the world who may work with you in the future, and meet current professionals who are looking for skilled employees now.




JOIN today and begin your journey.

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